Government/Medical Welfare Discounts & Donation Activities

Thank you for your service.

Stardust is

Government offices (police, Self-Defense Forces, etc.),
We support all people involved in medical care and welfare (including nursing care).

People involved in public offices, medical care, and welfare,
Get 5% off all gear made by Stardust.

No application or communication is required to apply this discount.
By applying the coupon "Thankyouforyourservice" at the time of product checkout, you will receive a 5% discount.
It is up to your conscience to qualify for this discount.

5% of the sales of orders not covered by the government/medical worker discount will go into the donation pool .

Stardust provides donation support to public interest organizations once a year,

We will strive to improve the image of the survival game and military industry and contribute to society.