Stellar2.0 CZ P09/P10 OWB カイデックスホルスター

Stellar2.0 CZ P09/P10 OWB カイデックスホルスター

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"Stellar" is a holster designed with emphasis on expandability, operability, and speed.
Compatible with 9mm/.40 caliber Glock models from all manufacturers.
Model example: G17 gen4 , G19 gen3, G34, G22 etc...
It can be used in various situations from hard survival games to competitive scenes.

Adopts 080 inch kydex that combines flexibility and strength for handguns.
By designing a tight around the light and a loose around the slide to make it free float,
We have taken measures to reduce the load on the resin slide and to prevent "mismeasurement" that is common in airsoft guns.
*Because the light side is easily scratched, please be careful if you are concerned about it.

Threaded barrel compensator compatible.
Suppressor sights up to 12mm in height are available.
*Since the light maintains the retention, it cannot be operated without the light.

The mount hole is a multi-fit specification.
You don't need to repurchase a holster even if you switch from QLS to RTI etc.!
Compatible mounts:
Blade-Tech?: Duty Drop, Short Drop, Tek-Lok, DCL Combat Loop
Safariland: UBL, QLS, Paddle
G-Code: RTI GCA 33, 34, 35, Belt Slide

* Mount is not included with this product.
Please prepare by yourself.

[About the light]
X300 model: compatible with X300U A/B
TLR-1 model…Compatible with TLR1-HL, TLR-1s *Replica products are also available.

[Order option]
・Lv2 retention system added (+3000 yen)
The retention system "Spetz Gear Speed-lock" that can be unlocked with one touch can be installed.
*Because the retention system is thick, please use a spacer such as QLS ・"Agro" cut (free)
Make a deep optic cut to the tip of the ejection port,
You can change to competition specifications that emphasize draw speed.

3 receiving screws for holster mount

[Other precautions]
Our products are handmade. We take the utmost care,
There may be dimensional errors or small scratches.
We appreciate your understanding while using our return policy.

[Regarding normal lead time]
At Stardust, all gears are made to order.
Estimated delivery time: about 3 to 6 weeks * Subject to change without notice.
Please note that by placing an order, we assume that you have accepted the lead time.